I believe on “Creativity is considered as the highest form of intelligence”. For providing education through art I founded HAREEP which is a non-profit organization registered with Government of Pakistan in January 2011.


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The existing education systems of Pakistan aim to cater to only a few of the many purposes of education. Some of these include preparing children /students for jobs, to be model citizens and most importantly good human beings. The prevailing systems of education focus on several things but ignore the humanitarian aspect of it.

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I as a founder and team of Hareep Pakistan aims to work on this particular area of education through art. We realize that art plays an important role in inducing core human values like empathy, compassion and a sense of community without which a society becomes intolerant and oppressive. We did various projects and  through these projects we hope to promote creative expression that facilitates the process of self-awareness and a sense of responsibility. These projects will also help in unleashing the vast natural capacity of innovative and creative thinking among the youth of Pakistan to meet day to day challenges. The main focus of the organization is art since it is a discipline through which we become aware of the problems around us and learn to deal with them in an inventive manner.

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Hareep Pakistan is a non profit organization founded in 2011 and registered with the Government of Pakistan. It has been conducting art related workshops in different regions of the country and includes work with communities that were previously neglected both by the public and the private educational sectors.

Most of these workshops are primarily programs spanning between 3 to 5 days where a team of artists and volunteers visit different schools in rural areas and spend time in educating students about the importance of art along with direct creative experience through art material such as paint, drawing pencils and paper which the organization provides free of cost. This experience is shared with around 100 to 150 students in one workshop. The students go through the program and explore these tools to ingeniously express their thoughts and ideas. Participants get to learn from the team of artists who tirelessly conduct these workshops. The organization has been able to fund these workshops with assistance from the Government of Netherlands and hopes to make this cause self-generative through forging connections with other grant awarding organizations/institutions. Over a period of 2 years Hareep has conducted a large number of workshops across the country. The current target which I and team Hareep wants to achieve is to promote art education nationwide in order to fulfill all the purposes of education with equal access to creative media for everyone. Our mission at Hareep is to help maximize human resource development through creative education for sustainability, progress and the economic growth of our homeland.

Workshops conducted by Hareep Pakistan

Some efforts made by Hareep Pakistan, through conducting workshops in different schools.

hareep pakistan
ZIA UL ALUM SCHOOL art workshop by hareep pakistan
hareep pakistan
art workshop by hareep pakistan in islamabad
art workshop hareep pakistan
the way i see my neighborhood
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